Heaven Is For Real. A true story film I just watched

I watched the story about a 4 year old son of a pastor that dies on the table because of some ruptured organ and he came back and slowly started unraveling truths about his dad’s grandfather and other things about his mom and dad’s life…really moving…why would a 4 year old lie?

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I’ve visited a lot of sites for near death experiences. What they describe has the ring of truth. Why would they lie?

Near death experience of a child yielding information about the dead? Interesting. It’s not enough to convince me however. I’d have to see the movie myself.

It’s a real story. and the boy has intensely accurate descriptions of Heaven. I won’t spoil the movie…it’s already a famous book that has inspired millions to believe in Jesus.

What’s the name of this movie?

“Heaven Is For Real”.

I forgot about that movie. The trailer looked good.

I don’t know. Because I saw a documentary about a guy who claimed to be someone else in his past life. Why would he lie? But it doesn’t make sense.

the dead cant return to life. they only do in the day of judgement.

With this kind of stuff…I guess you have to witness/experience it yourself in order to believe. In short; the pastor’s finances were dwindling; he had a growing family…we don’t know whether we can take this as a genuine account or merely someone trying to cash in. Kids can be pretty impressionable so having been raised in such a religious household that little kid knew a lot more about heaven/God than most his age.

It’s a sweet movie nonetheless but I can’t say it turned me into a believer. I mean, how many people swear black and blue that they’ve experienced psychic phenomena, alien abductions…

@Louisa84 that’s my point…a lot of grown people swear they’ve seen alien abductions…this is a 4 year old child…children don’t lie…

Just a word of caution. Even when movies are based on real life events that doesn’t mean the movie as a whole is an actual representation of what really happened. Script writers get to take certain liberties and change details to suit a movie audience.

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That being said, @BarbieBF, the Burpo family has published a book with only the words of the 4 year old himself. You can’t change that can you?

One of the most naive statements I’ve read on this site tbh. Lying is one of the first signs of thinking for ourselves and mostly seen in children.

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@Dreamscape, the boy wasn’t trying to convince anybody. His father was.

I don’t know enough about the movie or the book…

The reality is though that yes 4 year-olds can be manipulated or even mimic. Not saying that happened here just that sometimes it may not be a good idea to believe every word.

Sorry if I’m taking away from your experience with the movie. I don’t want to do that. I myself am looking forward to watching it.

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I don’t expect all the non believers on this site to believe in Jesus because of this movie…all I know is that for myself, a Christian and one who understands faith…it was incredibly moving.


How can you say his descriptions of ‘heaven’ are accurate? Considering we neither know that heaven exists not what it would be like, how can you possible verify that his description is ‘accurate’?

I just mean by “accurate” that the boy had detailed explanations about Heaven that coincides with what Christians think of Heaven.

I seen the movie, its very good and true movie, i believe in the after life,