Having difficulty posting to lounge

I click on lounge click on new topic,enter post and title but then it’s asks me to select a category in the drop down menu and “Lounge” isn’t one of the choices. Therefore I am unable to post there.

It’s at the way bottom for me

Yes I can get to lounge via the drop down menu on the main page(right at the bottom as you say) but then when trying to post using new topic from the lounge it’s as I’ve said. On the select a category drop down there is no option for lounge.

I cannot duplicate your problem, @firemonkey. I can get it to post a new topic both by accessing it from the main page and within the lounge itself. Screenshot?

As you can see it doesn’t automatically show ‘lounge’ but instead ‘select a category’. The trouble being there is no category for ‘lounge’ in the drop down menu.

Problem sorted. Had to refresh cache.

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Haven’t been on in a while…all of a sudden we have this new category. what is this lounge?

Just a place to post fun / conversational / or other off-topic kinds of discussions that don’t have anything to do with sz or symptoms or support, medications, etc.