Having a bad afternoon

my voices are acting up
they are harassing me about hi and si
they are even trying to talk me out of getting my 2nd tattoo
saying the artist is going to completely f it up on purpose and still make me pay
they are really pushing me to hurt my mom which i will never do
just hurts to listen to them
i know they aren’t real
just a bad day
hanging around cant go anywhere
cant play with my pup
couldnt even do the laundry cause my mom said no she needed something to do
even though she watched the game all day
jojo my service dog(the one im getting tattoo)keeps popping up in my head telling me which picture to use
so hard to believe she is not here with me
im gonna take a prn
hopefully kicks in quick


I hope the PRN works for you. I’m sorry you’re having a bad afternoon.


That is too bad. Hopefully the prn helps. :robot::robot::robot:

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@everhopeful @GrayBear
ty i just took my propranolol and Buspar
now i wait for it to kick in