Have you tried Trileptal?

Does it work for you? What dose? I’m on 600mg daily. It’s been a few weeks, but I’m still experiencing mood symptoms.

I’ve been on 900mg since Sunday. Still, I read online that 1200mg was the mean dose in the biggest meta analysis which pointed to Trileptal doing something.

Another study I read indicated that it can be at least as efficacious as Tegretol, which is slightly less efficacious than Depakote…still, consider that Depakote is simply the fastest for stopping mania. And at least as efficacious as Lithium in treating acute mania, if not more so.

Still, both Tegretol and Trileptal are slow.

…Trileptal works. It is doing something for me, but I think not nearly enough.

I’m still manic, but I would rather not be.

Has anyone taken Trileptal for moods? What dose worked?

I’m not manic anymore, all that much. Some of the discomfort was from benzodiazepine withdrawal. It caused panic attacks for me. I was on several antihistamines in the past year: Atarax, Seroquel and also ativan.