Have you tried some natural remedies/treatments to improve your condition?

In this topic there are a lot of opinions, but I’ve made a lot of research and I’ve found that some natural remedies could be logically effective.

The latest I saw was drinking sea water, it’s so nutritive, I’ve seen a conference at you.tube.
Also Andreas Morritz and his hepatic cleanse.
Or anti-candida diet, chelation and alcalinizing the body with foods.

I’ve been suffering so hard fatigue symptoms and I want to try some of these.

Some of you have tried any of that?

Have you done a thorough blood test, and other medical investigations? To rule out conditions such as:

  • thyroid problems
  • sleep apneea
  • celiac disease
  • ocular problems
  • intestinal parasites
  • anemia
  • heart problems
  • mononucleosis
  • etc…

Always I go to my doc he tells me that my boold tests are fine … But I’m so bad, I notice even shortness of breath when I’m stand

Ocular problems ? Are they related with fatigue ?

Next day 25 I go to my doc again…

Ocular problems could lead to headaches and sometimes fatigue, especially if you spend a lot of time reading or watching a pc monitor / phone screen. Do you have headaches?

Headaches not, but I spend a lot of time reading in my phone. But I don’t believe that was the root of the problem

Best natural things I’ve found to work so far:

  • healthier diet (veggies)
  • regular exercise

My 2 cents.


Be careful of quack cures you find on youtube. They’re very convincing but could harm you.


Vitamin B12 is effective for fatigue. It is found in a variety of foods as well as a supplement.

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Here’s what I take (not necessarily for cognition) as instructed by my health care professional:

-Liposomal glutathione (Tri-Fortify™) - 1 tsp twice daily
-Omega 3 fatty acids (OmegaGenics™ DHA 600) - 5 capsules daily
-Niacin (Niatain™) - 3 tablets daily
-Vitamin D (Metagenics® D3 Liquid) - 5,000 IU daily (5 drops)

Also, informing yourself is not stupid. But dialing in your supplements is not something you want to do on your own. Ideally you can find your local health care professional to show you to determine the correct form and dosage(s) for your body.


3000 daily? 151515


Did you see that guy that turned himself blue with colloidal silver?


I use melatonin for sleeping every night and hemp oil/CBD oil for my arthritis pain and anxiety and they both work great. I also use Fish oil to help regulate my mood and I feel this helps real well too.

Vitamin B 12 was said to help.

Do you get bruising due to the high amount of omega 3s?

I’m trying one right now called “black seed oil”. It is oil that comes from the pressed seeds of cumin. Sometimes I think it is helping, and other times I don’t. It seems like I sleep longer and harder when I am on this supplement. I started taking it on May 1st. I’ve been taking a lot of caffeine lately, and I think that could be interfering with the benefits from this supplement. I’ll let people know if I notice any definite improvements in my well being from this oil.

I am looking LPG gas flame daily morning for 5 minutes, after toothbrushing. I believe it cures my problem related to schizophrenia.

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I tried many, all of which failed to help. I think the last one was lecithin thinking it would coat my nerves and make me less reactive.

@anon68148378 gas flame abhi bhi dekte ho … owooo kiskam ka hai mein abhitak samgha nahi…