Have you studied religions at the school

When I was at the school we had to study religions. I liked it and got best grades always.

We didnt study religions. What did you study?

Christianity, numerous world religions and so on

Im a christian myself

I belong to no church, in my little town we have many churches, Lutheran, Orthodox, Jehovah’s Witness, Adventists and few others

three months of bible school in mo. was looking in to become a paster.

I belong to no church either. Dont like religion. Im a christian it is a seperate thing for me

I actually like church buildings, peaceful places, in my past I have spent some time in the Ancient Spanish monastery in Miami, cooled down in some large churches in Rome when it was 30 celsius degrees, visited Vatican and many other religious places.

I think that my visit in the Temple Emanuel in Miami Beach made a big difference once in my life, I had already arranged my move to Europe, but then I decided to stay in America and spent next two years in my auto in America. The time has passed.

I studied religion on my own time for a while there. I’m guessing the material was heavily biased in retrospect.

I went to Catholic school from kindergarten u til the twelfth grade. In eighth grade it was important that we learn about other religions since at the end of the school year we could make an informed choice as to whether we wanted to be confirmed into the Catholic church. We studied jewish, baij, hindu, islam, Buddhist, pentecostal, unitarian, baptist, Lutheran, jehovah witness, athesist, agnostist, nazarean, Mormon, confusicianism, Episcopalians and seventh day adventist. I thought it was very educational.

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It was a compulsory subject, and it opened my eyes.

I took World Religions in college. It covered the biggest religions. It was ok. Not my thing though. I’m currently a Christian. I was an Atheist for several years. My last psychotic break scared me so much I converted. I find it peaceful even though I have to take a leap of faith.

I had to do a course on religion at university level, it was okay.

I’m Lebanese, I grew up in Beirut and I went to an Armenian school, my parent’s nationality so I took christianity for about 5 years. We studied the bible, Jesus’ life and our history is also heavily influenced by religion. But growing up, sometimes I go to church on weekends, I prefer protestant churches but I haven’t found a spiritual connection with a divine being yet. Sometimes I pray but I don’t have faith.

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Yes, and being well educated about religions is why I don’t follow any of them.

I slept thru most of Battlefield Earth, does that count for anything?


I’m not religious, but I’m not anti-religious either.
My parents never discussed religion in our house and my brothers tend to take a more scientific approach to life, rather than accept a fictional story - their words…and everyone was Baptiste but me.
Seems by the time I came along, they were too busy and forgot.

It would have been nice to at least be taught something, or even a little bit of everything on the different religions in school.

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I studied religion in school, in university, I practiced religion in childhood, adulthood and manhood.
It was supernatural how reflective that was to my life and career pre onset, after i got diagnosed i was hesitant, to re appraoch or not, but until now, every time i approach i end up in a hospital delusional… So i stopped.

Until this day, I appreciate religious people and appreciate religion, because i know the fault is not in religion but i am defected. Lol.

That’s how it is with me… live and let live… it works for them… great… it doesn’t work for me.

I like the huge church gardens around here… it slows down the condo sprawl.