Have you ever dreamed of owning a building like this?

madison indiana

this is kinda the style in our little towns and cities around here. this picture is from a place about 50 miles down river i visit sometimes. anyways, i’ve always wanted to own a building like one of these, having a business on the first floor, and living above. if i had a lot of money i would buy a place like this somewhere.


Yes! I love these kinds of buildings, I think they’re so cute! Definitely would like to live on the top floor of one.


This looks like my current city too.

There was a guy downtown who owned a building and had his vintage store on the bottom and his apartment on the top. I thought that was a pretty cool setup.

There are lots of historic brick row houses as well.


One time while watching Bob’s Burgers I wished I could live in a building like that and work in it too.


I had that same thought when I watched BB for the first time lol, I would pick the white building in that pic, the short one live on top floor, and have a chill out place for people with special needs and autism and stuff like that so they could have peace. And animals.


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