Have you ever doubted that you're a human being?

I haven’t relapsed, but these are questions I find endlessly compelling.


Not really, cos I dunno what the alternative would be…


First of all we need a definition of what a human beeing is, to be able to relate to what it´s not…

I may change my answer to your question depending on the definition.

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Yeah, I have. But for me, those thoughts are intertwined with my mind being unhealthy.

Yes, I am a Buddha 666/999

What is a human being? Scientifically, we’re great apes. Which means we’re part of the animal kingdom. We branched off of another great ape and over time learned from past mistakes, resulting in our modern existence. We’re called Homo Sapien Sapien. Our DNA is ever changing. I predict with the technology we’ve created and currently use will alter our dynamic physically and emotionally. Too bad we won’t be around to see the future results.


Or robot 666/999

I am not human when unmedicated.
I hope you won’t get worse…


Robot & animal or beast

Yeah, ive doubted that im human when im feeling ill.

I remember thinking when I was in hospital that plants might be robotic in nature.

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My definition of human being, if any, is completely uncontroversial. Whatever common sense, intersubjective discourse, and science dictate. WHat I’m contending is that all of these might turn out to be illusory.

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I’m excited too about our posthuman future.

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I remember some movie where an entity from another star possess a human being. We are all humans but God knows what spirits are in ourselves.

Before leaving my house to go to an old psychiatrist appointment, I caressed my cat and I thought that inside her there were cables and wires, lol

That’s probably an existential crisis. I believe even normies think similar things sometime. I’m sure it’s excaberated because you have schizophrenia.

When I was a kid, I thought I was a plant. Just water my feet and I"ll be fine. And then, I thought I was a dog.

I agree it’s more of an existential crisis than a delusion.

When I was younger I thought I was a Humanoid Android . Sent here to observer everything in the human living conditions.

I didn’t use to think I had a body…terrifying…I thought I was a laser on a cd player in a computer…stayed that way for months…sad sad sad.