Have you been watching the Winter Olympics

I have a little. Let’s not make this any political thread. Let’s just talk about sports. Today Finland got her 1st gold medal when Iivo Niskanen won the 15km skiing. I am waiting for ice hockey games.


yeah, I’m watching a lot.

can’t wait for the Super Bowl though…

Go Bengals!


Nah! I’m rooting for Matt Stafford! Go Rams!!!

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Yes I have been watching the Olympics including the opening ceremony. I watched skiing too but it was Sweden who was #1. There is many types of skiing I guess.

Yep there are many types of skiing. Norway has had quite strong skiers. Finland has got five medals in skiing. Ski jumping is also interesting to follow.

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Oh yea I saw ski jumping, it was France 1st followed by China in the one I watched.

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I’ve been avoiding watching any live TV right now just to dodge seeing Olympic stuff.

I watched the snowboard slopestyle and halfpipe

Never really been into sports.

The only thing I like is motor-racing like F1

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@Joker, were you rooting for Verstappen or Hamilton last season?

I have one Olympic book, the Great Olympic Book, in Finnish ‘Suuri Olympiakirja’. It is in Finnish and published in 1952 when Helsinki had the Summer Olympic Games. It is an interesting book, but also shows how times have changed. Today everything is on the net and Wikipedia is a good source of the past Olympic events. I have been in one Olympic games, when Atlanta had the Summer Games in 1996.

I wasn’t bothered but I thought the race at the end was rubbish with the way it was handled.

I like Riccardo and Norris as a team


I watched Nathan Chen’s figure skating short program, where he broke the record for the most points. He won gold after his long program, but I missed it. I’d like to see it. I’m sure I can find it online somewhere.

Other than that, no. Not terribly interested.

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