Have you any problem to how society works?

have you any problem to how society works? :fork_and_knife:

There’s always room for improvement

is it fair???

got a home health person to come give me a shot every two weeks but its only good for 6 weeks the ins company whats me to be masickisstic and stab my self with the nitle and give my own shot .

Nope. But life is like a game of Cribbage. You can still peg like a b-stard and manage to win after being dealt a few bum hands.


Sorry but I disagree with you completely. I have met several people dealt some pretty bad hands, and they are trapped, and probably going to die on the streets or in jail because of it. I think what you say is true for a lot of people, but not all.

As is your right.

Not everything works for everyone, but I’m betting the people that are functional enough to make it into this forum and post here are among the higher functioning who can improve themselves. However, it is a fact that people who believe themselves trapped and done for … are done for. In most of the cases I’ve seen it was by their own choices they were done in, not by their circumstances.

Attitude: It’s important.


I get what you’re saying. But having that belief towards all people hinders pushes for better programs and approaches with some things. I met a lot of homeless people while I myself was homeless, and there was genuinely no way they were going to be able to get off the streets without some significant help. And a lot of them had mental health problems and no family that would help them. I didn’t get off the streets because I had an amazing attitude, but because I was very lucky to have family who would take me in, and because I had managed not to lose my I.D. which allowed me to get on a plane (that my mother paid for, the ticket). Now if I had just given up and laid down in the streets to die, then I probably would have, so if that is your angle, then yeah I agree with that.

I’ve never said that we don’t need programs, but there’s no point giving tools to people who won’t use them. Homeless people generally fell into three categories when I was homeless:

  1. Addicts who basically chose to be homeless because responsibilities like work, families, and maintaining a home got in the way of their using. (Largest group.)
  2. Treatment resistant and non-med compliant mentally ill.
  3. Unlucky bastards who lost their jobs/homes, but would be back on their feet in short order. (The smallest group – only met a couple of these.)

The only way we’re getting the first two groups off the streets is by legislating them off the streets. We need scoop laws. We need beds to put people in. We need programs to put people in. We need forced treatment for those tough cases.


Now that I can agree on, as long is there is 100% transparency so it doesn’t turn into something nightmarish. All there was where I was, was this “Outreach” program that the cops would mention sometimes while harassing us (there was nowhere it was legal for us to sleep, so every night was a game of cat-and-mouse trying to find somewhere to sleep). But they couldn’t tell us where to go to get hooked up with this program or even what it had to offer. There were also some volunteers who ran this thing called “Safe Place For Youth” and they would help you get an I.D. if you lost yours, but only if you were 26 or under I believe.

I like the idea of help that is readily available, but requires participants to comply with treatment and so on in exchange for the help. There is something like that in Indiana that my family kept trying to get my father into, but he would always refuse to follow the rules (like no drinking/alcohol) and either get kicked or leave, so I know there are people like that who don’t really want the help.

The Drs and therapists spell out the course of treatment. No problem there. But it conflicts with what the voices tell me.

The Drs say to not talk to the voices and to ignore them the best I can.

The voices tell me to listen to them.

I feel like I am being pulled in 2 directions and don’t know what to do.

Logically I should listen to my Drs but the voices make me feel like they are real and I should obey them.

Perhaps this is a bit off topic.

Funny. I just finished a ranting soliloquism on this topic. Or was it an argument?

Yes. I do. But then I guess that’s why I’m the way I am.

If it was only that I hate my shallow and inhumanely competitive culture I’d be cool with that. But the hypocracy and lies is the worst. I’ve always felt lost in it, victimized and silenced by it. All I want is to live out the rest of my life in peace and quiet. I hear that if I actually had knowledge of what it is that I hate that I’d just hate it even more.

Which society? Of course, I’m horrified by North Korea’s society and other dictatorships. I’m also horrified by most societies in the past. I like western democracies, but they’re not perfect. Our societies are still evolving.