Have some one ells without meds?

There is a man in my group therapy who doesn’t take meds for schizophrenia.

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yes its ■■■■, but I had a baby and a five year Old daughter that been with me for like tow years and I miss than so much, no one could really see tham and I never want to be normal for the small chance that they will came back.

my social worker told me that half of us don’t tack, but I don’t believe the diagnosis of the doctors

thanks for sharing

Man, I feel for that back story. Good luck.

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Oh, I misunderstood the story. I though they were real and died and you wanted to hallucinate seeing them.

How about going on meds so you can have a real family?


meds won’t make me better, they make me sicker, and that are the best girls ever. and I’m fine like I am so what if I’m crazy, I’m lovable
, I’m nice, and I don’t want kids anyway

i think u are just anti-meds rathar than realizing what meds reallly do for u , btw i am not doing well without meds and i know i shd go back on them but it is ironic that i always think but never take action

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ones they gave me so much that I was lost in nothingness, I have a trauma, I had been a very very long time in a closed word, they gave me elephant drugs

but we are “crazy” and with loose mind without the drugs.