Have anyone tried the analytical kind of Psychotherapy with any success? I do and it helps me a lot

I’m seeing this Psychoanalyst like since ever and very slowly we are coming to some very interesting conclusions.
In my sessions I’ve found out that there is so much more to my schizophrenia (he doesn’t call it that way. no labels he says) than only the so called chemical imbalance. Obviously I won’t go into detail because what we talk about in my sessions are mostly about my family and trauma and early childhood and I wouldn’t be comfortable talking about it.
But I see some CURE potential there.
He, also a trained MD, says antipsychotics do not treat schizophrenia but just make us socially compatible.
The funny thing is every single Psychdoc I asked about going to analytic psychotherapy said it’s like the worst thing for schizophrenics. But whatever. I’m happy I did it. very much so.
Have any of you tried the rather analytical kind of therapy (as opposed to CBT and such?) with success?


What? Isn’t it a partial treatment to live without voices and delusions? :confused:

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I agree,. Sz brings a lot of crap to the surface if we deal with it . That makes the sz easier to manage. The less crap floating up to the surface the better and the meds do most of the rest. I believe a well recovered sz is someone living a balanced life and taking there meds


I have never tried psychoanalysis, but I believe psychoanalysis is very effective in treating trauma. In fact, Freud was the first therapist that I’m aware of to put a name to what we now call PTSD (he called it shell shocked). Overall I think it’s a very effective therapy for many disorders, including schizophrenia.

Psychoanalysis has been ostracized by psychology, and I believe that’s due more to its inability to fit into the scheme of science, and by extension, insurance coverage, then as a therapy in and of itself.

I tried to live a balanced life and taking my meds and keep failing miserably since 2001. Mostly I only fail at living any sort of meaningful life. And I mostly have adhered to taking my meds so this doesn’t seem to work in my case. I hope it works for others.

I made the mistake of seeing this one therapist years ago.
I only went once and it was the last time.
She specialized in psychoanalysis, and I came out of that session feeling more depressed than ever!

Never again.

I’m sorry to hear things are rough. I know we all have different levels of recovery that come at different times in our lives. Guess what i was trying to say if you are having paranoia or guilt and it’s warranted. It’s much easier being sz to confont those things and live
A clean balanced life. Might not apply to everyone i guess but would say it’s good for most that suffer from those things.

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Great! I have been very interested in this for a long time. I believe it is possible to cure schizophrenia with psychotherapy. Read about it and tried to find someone in my country, but didnt find anyone specialized in psychosis or even some psychotherapist just willing to take me as a patiënt. They want me in a bigger organisation because of the risk of relapse. There is only meds here, no real treatment.

I am superinterested in your story, so good that it helped you!

Yeah it helped me a lot. It’s not a therapy that gives you immediate coping methods which makes it unpopular. However if you want to learn more about yourself, understand your behavior and become aware of patterns in your life and maybe how they started it is very useful. I feel like the more you understand something the less scary it is. It’s all about understanding how your past made your present.

Overall I wouldn’t recommend it for someone who is very unstable. I would recommend a therapy that gives immediate coping mechanisms first like CBT or DBT. I would recommend this for someone who really wants to learn more about themselves.


I’m not sure exactly what analytical psychotherapy is exactly. But I have come to the conclusion that it’s not just medication that works but getting to roots of problems so I get you.

I’m on a waiting list for CBT I want to challenge my thoughts. Medication helps but I want to be able to tackle it on less as possible and with other kinds of help

I think it’s great this is working for you and that you have found this. I’ve been toying with this idea for years and been so scared to go for it.

I have a chemical brain imbalance. I have friends and family who I talk to regularly. I haven’t had the best experience with that sort of therapy and I think it helps a certain type of individual. No offense. It isn’t something I need nor desire.

Medication is the single best thing for most schizophrenics. It’s far from an exact science and thus a lot of heartache but it’s not about socially keeping us in line so we are out of institutions. That is a rather bold statement and I’m dubious of that persons credentials. It kinda confirms my suspicions which isn’t surprising.

Medications. Therapy, supplements, family support, All of that is an adjunct to treatment but the bulk of work keeping people out of institutions is the meds.

when i was first diagnosed i needed to talk and talk so i went to a psychotherapist. it helped a little.

not a whole lot.


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@anon81432425 - let me guess…‘Omid’ means ‘I am id’?