Has anyone had success with Naloxone-not Naltrexone

For negative symptoms and behaviors? Naloxone, a KOR opioid agonist



I guess it’s effective in really high doses mainly at 800 mlg and taken intravenously? Has anyone tried that or just taken it as a pill?

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I’m unsure about using it like that. Negs were reported well before the meds even came to being. 20 years or so ago when I joined this site most people were worried about positives. Now everyone is worried about negatives because to me, it seems the positives are better for most of our members.

So. Yes. I can understand your desire for better medications because we all suffer but I think your overthinking it or expecting the next generation to be that good straight out of the box so to speak.

Real change will take years more and we aren’t even there yet.


Yea man I’m aware. Just very interested in some of these new compounds that’s all. I’m constantly checking and balancing myself and my expectations. This is the med forum so I’m asking if anyone has had any past success with Naloxone but yea I realize We’re far away from remission



How has it been working for your negatives?


What is Naloxone? need to google that one, i take naltrexone 1,5 mg today is week 5, I am better thank GOD!


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I was prescribed Naltrexone for alcohol addiction by limiting the buzz feeling though that just encouraged me to drink more. Been off of it for 9 months now and all the better for it.