Has anyone ever used a MyPillow?

My dad got me one today. Are they any good?


I have not but, my Dad has one and swears by it. :horse::horse::horse:


Thanks for sharing @GrayBear!


I have tempur- its a little comfier


I don’t know what pillow I have, my parents bought it lol


My wife keeps using my pillow. She props herself up with it to watch TV then grumbles at me if I come to bed early and need it back.


I always preferred a really soft thin pillow usually down filled, but then I started getting bad neck aches and I switched to a firmer foam pillow and the neck pain went away/ So it does matter what kind of pillow I use, but I don’t know about the mypillow

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IDK man, the inventor and CEO of the MyPillow used to be a crack addict and has other shady things about him. He claimed he had a cure for COVID though he has no scientific or medical background. He claims he is not making any money off the supposed cure yet he sits on the board and has a financial stake in the company that would produce it. He’s a Trump supporter but since we can’t discuss politics, that’s all I’ll say. I can’t say that I have read anywhere that the MyPillow itself is a fraud but the background of the guy who invented it is certainly “interesting”.

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I didn’t know about that or about him being a crack addict. While I don’t believe he has a cure for Covid I’m willing to give his products a try. Anyway the pillow was a free gift from my dad so I’ll at least try it out tonight.

This is universal spouse behavior. Source: my pillow currently on Mr. Star’s side of the bed


Current issue…

Mrs. Squirrel barely makes any noise sleeping on her left side. She snores like Ash clearing out a roomful of Deadites with a chainsaw when on her right side.

She’s on her right side 95% of the time. I estimate I’m getting less than an hour of sleep per night now.

“Hon, maybe you should get fitted for that CPAP machine I’m no longer needing? Might help you breathe.”

“I don’t snore that loudly.”

“Excuse me, but you do.”

“The noise would wake me up if I did.”

Oh, hello couch. I guess we’ll be a thing for a while…

Can we add this to the list of spouse behaviour?


Hmm. Interesting. Gonna check out this pillow.


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Mr. Star refuses to get tested for sleep apnea or use a C-pap because his work could access the records, and if he doesn’t use it one night before work they could revoke his license (if you needed other reasons to be appalled at the way US workers are treated). So yeah, universal. Tell Mrs. Squirrell that I have never slept better since getting my C-pap machine. I almost never need naps now.


Unfortunately I never slept well with mine. Sort of looked like WWE: Hulk Hogan vs. The Octopus. I’m guessing that’s colouring her perception here.

Oh @ninjastar

My last manager put a note in my file for my new manager that I disclosed I have Asperger’s and that the only issue she ever had with me is that I try to work too many hours and kept having to be told to dial it back (true). Also, that I had a tendency to try and work in almost complete darkness wearing sunglasses (also true).

My new manager asked me if I needed any accomodations? Told her not to bug me when I have to work extra hours and to keep lots of tissues handy for any neurotypicals I roll over because they’re slow moving. She likes me.



See, I immediately thought of that as a trap question so they could justify docking your pay.

I saw some bad reviews. Its just filled with chopped up foam and is lumpy.

I am in the process of getting a promotion. I’ve been bumped up a level and directly assist two account executives. I’m able to delegate less complicated work to a pool of brokers who are now below me (mailing out documents, satisfying simple underwriting requests, etc.). It hasn’t been officially announced yet as they need to fill two more manager positions, but I got the position despite being a year short on the required tenure. I have the role and I just got the raise. All of my new managers seem very competent and ethical so far. No complaints from me.


I presently live in a world where I have to watch my back from those who were supposed to have my back.

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I live in a world where no one cares.