Has anyone ever tried spirulina?

If you’ve tried spirulina, was it beneficial for you?

No. But I tried chlorella and I found it to be beneficial as part of a healthy vegan lifestyle.

I have. I tried it with several different supplements. I just felt better overall.

Yes it has a distinctive flavor and might inspire you to be slightly sick if youre sensitive to flavour. But i think if you carefully add it too fresh juice can ofset the flavor quite a bit in another direction. I tried it when i was a slightly overly neurotic(?) Teen. Was trying raw veganism. Felt supercharged after drinking it. Sped all round the City.

Also i’d try to make sure if you do try it, that its been harvested away from Asia maybe. Due to pollution.

I tried chlorella which is similar. It’s hard to measure the effect, but it’s supposed to be good for several things. For example better oxygen uptake in the blood and detoxing heavy metals. My blood pressure is in a good range, I think chlorella might be a factor in this.

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What does chlorella taste like?

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Well, I don’t really know. The chlorella I take is in tablet form. I take 15 small tablets usually once a day. I never tasted powdered chlorella.

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I do in my protein smoothies once or twice a week. I don’t know how it tastes because I eat it mixed with protein powder and fruit and spinach. I think it helps my skin

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