Has anyone been in a homeless shelter before?

If yes, how was your experience?

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I have briefly. I dunno. It was ok. I didn’t stay there long before I moved on. Why, are you planning on staying at one?

I don’t know that I’d like it as any kind of permanent residence.


When I was homeless I had my car and stayed in cheap motels for a week or two until I was Court ordered into the State Hospital. I didn’t know where the homeless shelters were then. It was somewhat scary in the motels.

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I had bad experiences at homeless shelters.


I tried to get into one but it was closed down so i livex in my car.


I was a couple of times. Once I stayed in a room with myself and my very young son in one bed, and another woman with all her ten kids in the other bed.

The second and last time, my son and I had our own room but I was kicked out of that shelter for not obeying the curfew rules. Luckily I had a job and money coming in which was not the case with the majority there.


It’s really surprising how many young people are there.

Yeah, its pretty rough time there. Lots of theives unfortunatly. Some decent folk though.

I have. Most shelters are barracks style with everyone sleeping in bunk beds in the same area. Some have shared rooms. Others give you your own room. During the day most shelters kick you out and you can come back in the evening. Some shelters serve dinner. If youre young enough you can go to a youth shelter which are sometimes better than the adult shelters.

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As i said before if you live in a big city like toronto montreal vancouver or calgary it would be a good idea to find a smaller town or city you can reach by bus and find a room or apartment to rent there. This is a bad time to be homeless in a big canadian city.

Yes for about a week.
I slept behind a tattoo shop in the ghetto.
No fun.
Freaks n weirdos come out at night.

I had a brief stay in a Shelter in Queensland. Thankfully a very nice guy took me under his wing and looked after me, otherwise I would have found it a bit scary. It was called “Daisy House”, an odd name I thought.

I’ve been in several shelters for a day or two. In some shelters the food is good, but in most shelters in the big cities the food is very sparse. Most just let another social agency worry about feeding you. I haven’t been in a shelter long enough to get a feel for how violent they are. In one of them this guy got about a hundred stitches in his face because he was talking too much. Another guy with a missing leg told me that one time someone stole his artificial leg in a homeless shelter. Most of the time when I was homeless I slept outside, when the weather would permit it. A lot of the shelters are dirty, and diseases abound in them.

Yeah i was in a shelter for a month or two. People kept stealing my clothes and you were chucked out at 6am. Filthy place it was - and literally everyone was on the scrounge for everyones else stuff.

When i benefits came thru finally - i would wear a shirt and tie and do rotations on the local youth hostels (YHA) instead. They wouldnt take in the homeless, hence the tie and bullshitted basically i was working away on contract. I had a disabled bus pass, so i would flit between the different countys.

Was literally only “street” homeless for a couple of weeks - were i slept in a squat in Brighton. My homeless application came thru and i was in a B+B for 2 months, until i went in temp housing for 6.

The council bid on my behalf - and as soon as i got my flat, i moved in within the hour - i had no stuff anyway.

7 years later and im still here in my council flat! lol

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