Harry Potter Sorting Hat

So… I’m a Slytherin😅

If you don’t know your house you can go to pottermore.com

I’m in the mids with the hufflepuffs, but more to the darker side.

Us and the hufflepuffs don’t get you two and you can ■■■■ off for all that we care.

Take your war somewhere else, like get your own castle or some ■■■■ because everyone else is sick of you guys.

But if i’m the sunset, the huffles would be sunrise, both cool times of day i’d say.

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Hufflepuff and Pukwudgie :blowfish:

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Hey… That ain’t very nice😔 lol

We’re tired of your ■■■■ too!

Oh hey, pukwudgie ftw!

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How about we get our own hobbit holes instead?


Who is sick of the ravenclaws?

We’re not the ones going at it with the stupid gryffendors every ■■■■■■■ day.

Gets a little old to say the least.

Us and the huffles are leaving, we’re going to make our own castle and you guys just kill eachother or whatever you want.

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Is that your ilvermorny house, too?

Pans is a total Pukwudgie, cranky and prickly but with a heart of gold.


Yeah that’s my ilvermorny house!

And lol, no wonder I love everything Pans posts!

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I’d say you’re definitely a Ravenclaw, should be sass master of doom

I think I’m gonna with gandalf because he is gandalf and dumbledor in the last idk 3… Ah I gotta die a lot… Maybe harry potter universe happens first and I come back as gandalf… I’m going with that…


adjusts nerd glasses, clears nerd throat

Do you want a timeline and comparison of wizard type?


Yes please… I’ve read all the books for both sets but don’t know the actor timelines…


Well, universe timelines - Gandalf left earth for good about 6000 years ago. He’s also a Maia, something closer to an angel than a human. He was something like 9 or 10 thousand years old when he took the ship to the West and the third age ended.

Actors - Ian McKellen never played Dumbledore. First, Richard Harris did, then Michael Gambon. However, he was Magneto, so there’s that!


This is fascinating news

Haha you caught it… Even gandalf sought the counsel of the elves…