Harm OCD or just another part of psychosis

I think I experience this. I think the chemical issue in my brain causes it but Im hoping I can also lessen its power with some cbt exercises of some sort. It seems impossible at the moment.

Im going to look into ways of treating the violent thoughts,images,impulses.
Im hoping its because my mind gets so focused on the thoughts and images that it wont detach and move on from them.
Maybe I can train myself to detach from it more easily.

Its obviously something that stresses me out a lot because I dont want to think this way at all.

I have an ocd workbook at home I havnt really done anything in maybe Ill work on it a bit.

Pretty sure I had OCD off meds.

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@Loke takes meds for OCD. I think some antidepressants are used for OCD.


i cant take ssri antidepressants unfortanately, my pdoc wont let me use them. and i tried welbutrin and it did nothing

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I meant if your pdr diagnose you with OCD. Give your AP some time, I think it can take one month to work.

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To fully work. 15

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its like yesterday I had this strong urge to punch this person in the face on the street when I was walking by them. Its a very strong feeling. So I just walk away from the person to avoid this possibility. which I know is an avoidance technique…

its like I am afraid I have a lack of impulse control to resist it

yeah my pdoc said to keep taking it for quite a while now. she was concerned I may do something bad because of this symptoms.
I dont think I will but its just a pain in the ass dealing with it.

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I kind of get the violent symptoms that you mentioned.
except i experience seeing an extremely vivid scene in my head that almost takes over my actual vision, of like murdering all my roommates with knives and then setting the house on fire , all sorts of horrible stuff.
I have broken things before but never hurt anyone but it is a fear.

thats when I just dont even want to be at home.

this ap med is definitely helping mute that sort of stuff.

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It definitely sounds like ocd.

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