Hard to think

Anyone else find themselves frequently just sitting there, barely able to form thoughts at all?


Yes it happens some times…
Yeah sometime the eye sight goes blur as well…
But its not the same as daydreaming where you look at a place and lost…

Yes quite often. A lot of the time I don’t think I even have my own thoughts.

I find it hard to think whens there’s too much stimuli.

I love the nights cuz I can think all I want with no thought broadcasting.


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It took me two hours to answer this question. I think I did a fine job of it though.

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This has been a big probllem for me.

I deal with this a lot. It seems that my thoughts don’t always follow what i assume must be a logical flow. I don’t have a lack of thoughts, my mind is overly active. It’s just chaotic in there.

Sometimes the voices put a heavy brain fog on me and I can barely think, other times I get froze on what im doing.

When I am nervous, my mind switches into a freeze state and I just don’t know anymore where my natural thoughts are. It is like they are locked away and I have to imitate them.

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