Happy Valentine's Day!

it’s frozen today here so no taking my gf out to dinner or anything…we live on love though so it’s ok…we don’t need a bunch of flowers and chocolate although if I had my druthers I would have them for her. Happy Valentine’s Day !!


Happy Valentine’s Day!


No. They just lie a lot. They do try to influence people against me.

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We’re outnumbered, outgunned, and out classed(when you add up Sz).

I wish you could find a way out of it.

What would you think is worse having it be real or false? After a long time the latter catches up to you in some ways…

Like from the movie ‘a beautiful mind’
what if the most important parts of your life aren’t gone, aren’t forgotten, but never happened.

Hmmm, I must be ‘part masochist’ to say as much as I say… I can change though, starting now. but the pauses aren’t ideal for me in this right now.

I want to help others - I know that much is true.

Maybe though in the plot I ‘baited’ folks into conflict along my way, and got pained; could be into some truths, there too.

I want to take with me (2) Valentines today.

You, @Brendalyn bc I think we have kindred type problems, I relate a lot, and your a person after my own heart - when you say you’ve probably lost time and opportunity, due to getting gossiped about. Also you’re the one who started the post for good reasons, I’m sure of it. I Believe it coming from you.

Also I think @anon83141956 is cool, she waters my farm(stupid, old-school, FB reference; they made fun of it on SouthPark once), but she brought me out of the woodwork, and she takes my compliments, and is energetic, and maybe partially manic or something. I’m like that too.

Lastly It’s no secret I’ve oscillated about leaving, I could have once (I sat it all out) so I’ve got little to prove(I like to think), or maybe lose, on the Internets of things.

I’m Mr. Grandeur right? @Patrick has my back I think. Nobody asks for this stuff; and I think two girls suits me today.

Very last part: My folks. They didn’t let me win the argument verbally but the end result in their actions are what are making me happy I now realize. I can stay. I need their company and support, with a lot. I would delete some of what I told/dished but it’s prob too late.

I guess it’s inexplicable how it appears. I don’t (want or like)living in a glass house, I don’t like the Kardashians very much.

So how does this sound? Will you guys be my Valentine(s). Lolol…!


Lol!!! ‘partially manic’ idk what to make of that hehe. Idk I guess I might be somewhat manic.

I’m so flattered you mentioned me and it is good to see I’m not the only possibly manic person on here. Ie I’m not alone.

:purple_heart: here’s a valentine heart to you, friend of the Internet hehe.

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Phew… I thought you may be sleeping!

Thank you!!

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Nope too manic for sleep :wink:

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Ahh haha you may be right. Thanks for today and was it yesterday? Lolol

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Well, I don’t really believe all that. Most of the people causing me problems, aren’t too classy. It’s real. I probably really have PTSD. Or just not good against the stress certain people like to cause deliberately.

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I can relate… for me it comes down to knowing who knew what and when.

Honestly I was threatened well… or successfully. When that is real, it can feel almost like having (Sz)Squared; or (Sz)Cubed; to make a mathematical analogy I tell myself.

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