Valentines Day


it’s a good day for lovers …

1111 :heart_eyes:


Do you have any plans for this special day?


no, only if I had a girlfriend to wine and dine


Well, what are you waiting for? Planning to stay single forever?


I have a plan that must come through before 2020


And an even better day for florists.


Ok I wish you good luck.

I’m single this time too. No worries though. Just keeping my s*** together is a full time commitment.


I hear ya there lol


my cuz is a florist and does good business at this time, i bought flowers from her last year and sent them to a friend lol


I just have one question for you. Umm. Whats the photo mean lol


Yeah, pretty much. Chocolatiers, greeting card companies and all the other folks making an easy buck. Materialist “holiday”.


Ah we don’t usually get flowers for each other. We get each other little gifts that mean something and then we stay up ALL night…watching Impractical Jokers. [Get your mind out of the gutter!] :rofl: It’s hard to be romantic with five small kids but you can still make it happen.


wow, you have 5 kids phew, you must be a very strong person lol

just for the record, i love flowers, and i’d love to buy a beautiful girl a nice bunch of red roses or maybe pink, i think over here anyway women love flowers, it is romantic,


Funny and true story, years ago my Aunt and Uncle owned a florest shop, they were really busy and asked if I would deliver flowers for them, so I did, you were supposed to leave them with a neighbor if no one was home. At one apartment I had to knock on 4 doors before someone would answer and standing there was a X girlfriend from years gone by and there I’m standing with a bunch of roses. Talk about awkward :blush::crazy_face::scream::rofl:


My kids will get some chocolates and that’ll be our valentines day. I’m glad for that


Not when you live in separate towns because you both couldn’t find good jobs in the same town.



(((HUGS))) dude. I feel for you and your family. Know that I care.