Happy Sunday!

Hope you all have a kick ass Sunday :slight_smile:


You too, Mr. Walla.


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happy happy all week long!!

i woke up angry as usual today but then my Mom woke up and was so pleasant i had to let the anger go.

i very much need others in this way. otherwise my mind goes back to bad memories lane.

anybody else?


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I hope it is a happy sunday - woke up miserable as sin. And i honestly dont know why. Yeah slight money worries - but i can sort that. Everything is just the same everyday - and its getting tiresome. Get up at 5am, light a ciggie and sit on the sofa infront of this bloody computer all day. I need to get out more.


Happy Sunday (((Walla)))

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You too @anon39015889!

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Have you seen the Steam sale @Naarai ?

I just bought Just Cause 3, on sale, 85% off, for $3.



Nice one. Just had a look at the UK site here and Just Cause 3 is £1.79! Im a bit skint - but i will buy it too for that price. Cheers.


Its a great game, I’ve put hundreds of hours into it on the PS4.

It’s like the wackiness of Saints Row, combined with the realism of GTA.

You won’t regret that 1.79 :smiley:

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Thanks for that - your brightened my day, i was getting frustrated with rdr2. 50 gig? lol. Bargain :smiley:

Im sure i willl have a lot of fun with it.

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Happy Sunday to you Wallafish! I just had a nice day and finished my supper and dishwashing. Now listening to some music in my room while my husband is watching The Hobbit.

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