Happy Birthday Baked Beans


Is Tomorrow your birthday? :smile: :fireworks: :birthday: :ice_cream:


I hope you have a great one tomorrow.

I’m glad your here.

Yes tomorrow is my birthday. I bought a Duncan Hines Red Velvet Cake mix at the grocery store. Will make my own cake this year instead of buying one. :cake:

I’m glad you are here too. :smiley:


Happy Birthday Anniversary, Baked.

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Early Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! I hope it is filled with love and warmth!



Happy birthday Baked Beans!

Happy early birthday Beans!

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Happy birthday BakedBeans! :smile: Hope you have a wonderful day!

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Have a good birthday. The cake sounds good.

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happy birthday baked beans!!! hope you have a good birthday!

Happy birthday BakedBeans. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Happy birthday. I hope you have a great day tomorrow…

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Happy birthday!! Have a blessed day.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! with an wink :wink:



How is your birthday going? Did you make your cake?

Got up at 7:30 AM to make the cake. Tasted overly moist for some reason. :cake: :unamused:

Played Diner dash for a few hours+Papa’s Taco Mia. :tada:

Then I bought myself a new shirt and makeup :lipstick:


Happy Birthday. What’s Diner dash? Years ago in my active addiction me and a friend went into a fancy restaurant and ordered two huge plates of nachos and seven-layer dip. After we finished eating, we just causally got up and walked out without paying. We ran to my car and took off. Here in my location we call that “Dining & dashing”.

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Diner Dash is a computer game where you pretend to be a waitress. :fork_and_knife:

Papas Taco Mia is a computer game where you work in a Taco Shop.

I’m not into computer games but thanks for the reply. About the only games I have ever liked are Ms.Pacman and a game called “Joust”. I probably don’t like computer games because I’m lousy at them.

i am a bit late but happy birthday i hope you had a good one…!
take care

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