Kind of sad

So today is my birthday. Without giving away my age I’ll just say its a milestone birthday (20,30,40,50…)
But I’m just kind of sad I don’t really have friends or family to celebrate with. When I was younger, a birthday like this would have been a big deal and I would have been surrounded by friends and family. But ever since I stopped going to work and school I don’t really have anyone close to celebrate with. I made myself a birthday pie today. That made me happy. Once its cooled I will put a candle in it, blow it out, and enjoy the heavenly taste of lemon meringue pie.


This is sad @Nzbitnoff - dont you have immediate family? brothers, sisters, mother, father? I will be celebrating a milestone birthday in about 17 days! Well I am wishing you a very Happy Birthday - when you blow out the candle, make a wish, it just may come true :cake: :sunny:

Beautiful pie! Looks tasty! Happy birthday @Nzbitnoff !

Happy Birthday Nzbitnoff! Beautiful pie for a beautiful lady!

BTW, what kind of pie is that? Your meringue turned out nice.

mmmm tasty :slight_smile:

can i get a bite? lol

Sorry you’re sad. Looks like a delicious pie. Happy Birthday @Nzbitnoff! I hope you enjoy your special day as much as you can.

Thank you for the birthday wish. I will remember to make a wish.

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Thank you for the birthday wish!

Thank you, it is lemon meringue pie.

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Thank you for the birthday wish!

That’s Great @Nzbitnoff - again Happy Birthday

Happy birthday, don’t let your consciousness get the best of you, have a good day.

Don’t be sad. You have friends here! Celebrate it with us.
Happy Birthday @Nzbitnoff!!
Slice up that pie and pass it around-yumm!

I think that for the later milestone bdays you start hoping people will forget to notice them :slight_smile:


I hate birthdays now and can’t believe i ever looked forward to the day i was forced into this by my father’s quivering marbles and my mother’s cursed womb. I don’t want to remember exploding into this world drenched in filth and screaming from terror and pain.

Hope it’s a good birthday for you.

What a strange thing to celebrate though right?!


@Nzbitnoff very happy birthday, and I hope you get to spend it with people who make you happy.

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Thank you. I had a piece and it was amazing I wish I could share with everyone here.

happy birthday i hope you have a good one.
take care