Ham it up with cheese


Looks so good! 15

Ham and cheese toasties are so good. Add some tomato and even better.

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Ham n cheese toasty yummmmmm

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Ohhhh I love a toasted ham and cheese sammich!


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Is that grilled ham and cheese? That’s my favorite type of grilled sandwich!

I like omelets with pita bread. What I do when I am really hungry is frying 6 eggs, swiss cheese and ham together. Sometimes when I have energy I add pepper, spinach, tomatoe and sriracha hot sauce. It tastes amazing with the molten cheese. I used to eat 8 eggs when I was on Olanzapine which made me more hungry.

You’ll love this answer Dr. Zen:

Use wry bread.


Haha, @77nick77. You make me smile, hon.

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