Hallucinations? And what is this?

Last night I heard voices, and then as I was getting ready for bed, I heard soft mumbling very clearly. Like neighbours TV was on low volume. It persisted and I asked hubby does he hear mumbling so he said no, I’m mistaken. Maybe it was a hallucination? Seems like it could have been…

And what is this called? - I had command voices and inserted thoughts telling me to kill my husband and I was very distressed and felt urge to take it out on myself by self harm instead of harming him.

Fortunately my book I was reading and music I listened to helped distract me.


Sorry you had these thoughts about your husband. Please don’t act on them or harm yourself. I also have inserted thoughts and thought voices.


I agree with Italy on not acting on these voices, or whatever their saying; and also not harming yourself.

The command hallucinations can be tough to work through.

Just realize these voices do not have the power to make you do what they want.

If your receiving commands to hurt yourself or your husband; I would call a psychiatrist as soon as possible.

I know it sounded like background noise, but it might be hallucinations, and not your neighbors.

I can’t remember you posting on if you are on any medication for what’s going on.
Are you?


I’m on quetiapine, amisulpride, lamotrigine and citalopram

The command voices / inserted thoughts is bit like harm OCD

Please don’t act on these voices @EarthChild. And don’t hurt yourself.
Maybe ask your doctor for a med adjustment?

Thank you.
I’m not familiar with amisulpride or Lamictal.
Maybe a different dose of the Seroquel?

I’ve heard other people mention amisulpride working well.

My pdoc phoned me yesterday afternoon and asked me how I am. So I said quiet but ok.

Then the voices and sounds and violent urges resurfaced last night.

Why oh why do they come after my pdoc contacted me??? It’s so unfair! And now I can only see her in a month time as she’s on study leave. So I’m hanging on till then.

I’ve seen her every two weeks and now this when I need a med adjustment I have to wait a whole damn month…


Some times, no matter what you do, the voices will continue to talk.
After your pdoc, after breakfast, etc.

That’s a bad part of the disease.

Hopefully, your anti-psychotic will help.

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I hear mumbling voices sometimes too. They are a symptom of sz and of sza so I’m told by my pdocs. These mumbling voices don’t bother me at all, idk about you.

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