Haldol injection and sedation

HI there,
I used to be on Haldol injection for a year now. I started at 50 ml injection each 2 weeks.
the doctor was delaying the duration between each injection periodically . Now he asked me to stop taking the injection once for all. It has been 2 weeks now since i last took the injection, so theoretically I am still under its effect.
during all that period, I have been oversleeping ,more than 11 hours a day, feeling sedated all the day and taking many naps during the day. that was not all of it, after long hours of sleep I wake up drowsy and tired.

I don’t know if this is the effect Haldol on me, while my doctor is saying that haldol doesn’t cause sleepiness.

Is there anyone facing same problem as me?

All antipsychotic cause sedation, even the newest ones, it is just a matter of how much


It took over a month for the haldol injection to get out of my system.

It’s not gonna last forever

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Why did you stop the Haldol Injection ?

I have been under treatement for 4 years now .
And my mental health condition has been stable for 2 years. Doctor removed respiridone from my meds list. I am taking haldol as preventive from the coming back of the schozophrenia. but as long as I am suffering from oversleep, the doctor stoped haldol for me.
He is still saying that haldol doesnt cause oversleep.
But i completely dont believe him.

I experienced sedation when I was on Haldol. It wasn’t really sleepiness, but it sure turned me into a slug. I stayed in bed a lot too. Ask your pdoc if you can take Geodon.

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@crimby what was your dose on haldol?
Do you experienced wakefullness in night?

They first put me on a 40 mg daily dose of oral haldol. Nobody would stay on that. Then they put me on, I think, 150 mg monthly timed released haldol. They gradually brought the dose down to around 60 mg, monthly. While I was on that does I was drinking huge amounts of coffee, taking a lot of ephedrine, and doing moderate exercise. I could get myself pretty amp’ed up like that. I messed up, and they were going to put me on 40 mg daily again, but then they relented and put me on Zyprexa. After that I was put on Geodon and Seroquel, and I have been happy ever since. Geodon does weaken me dramatically physically, though.

You mean 50mg not ml. I take 250mg, which is 5 ml

@Om_Sadasiva yes it is 50mg/ml injectable solution.
But I dont know if it is a moderate or a high dose.
And what its equivalent in pills is

My psychiatrist switched me to the Abilify injection.

I’m on haldol and it makes me tired. I’ve skipped my shot before and slept less. It does make u tired

I’m not sedated by 250mg haldol. I have no side effects

What meds do you take?

I take a 100mg Haldol depot. I’m gonna see if pdoc will raise it to 150. I’m not experiencing any sedation from it. I do sleep about 12 hrs a night. The side effects are mild. I don’t even feel overly hungry. A+ would recommend

Haldol, clozapine, Chlorpromazine.

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I’ve been lucky to have been stable on about 1mg haldol for over 10 years now. It’s the only drug I tried that worked for me. I just picked up my tabs yesterday. I buy them from the psychiatrist because I am living abroad now.

Congratulations ! 1 mg Haldol is very little.

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Im on haldol and found it less sedating than risperidone. Im on 50mg once a month but i also take quetiapine 200mg at night.

Yes it is. I feel lucky in that respect. I hope your doing well too.

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