Hahahahaha I don't feel ok

He haha haha haha haha, I don’t feel good haha haha :frowning:

You’re laughing? What happened?

Do you take your meds as prescribed? What meds are you on?

Risperidone and an anxiolityc

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My mind is racing with a lot of ideas and I can’t control it, wait… There’s always another option and I know I could be ok, not everything has to be confusion and pain in my life, and I’m laughing because… I don’t know

You should mention this to a psychiatrist. It happened to me also. :frowning: :smile:

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You NEED more antipsychotics in your life, that’s it! Shove em up your ass thatl make you feel better!

I’m not doing okay too
I’m hallucinating heavily right now

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