Had a good day

its been a really good day, we went to a dementia information group that was on from my charities base and it was really good because we got to know a lot more about the disease and how we should treat people with dementia, its good because my clients on the phone are all affected because they care for someone with dementia and its hopefully going to help me to relate more to them and what sort of things they may have to deal with.

after the group we went for a latte/hot chocolate and i bought a shirt afterwards and the girl in the shop thought she knew me so we had a bit of a laugh about that then i have just been chilling all day, made dinner and now i am trying to sort out my iPod shuffle (dinner was really good and i also made my friend her dinner too)


I’m glad you had a really good day @asgoodasitgets. It sounds busy but productive and nice.

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i just felt like i was ok again, you know the feeling like everything’s ok again, rarely get that feeling.

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That’s a nice feeling. Try to hold on to it as long as you can!

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