Ha friday night. nothing going on

who are the most popular members here? I don’t do ■■■■ on the weekends anymore. just another day I guess.

a good dinner would be nice every once in awhile. I think last weekend I tried to get my dad to go out and have a steak with me but he didn’t want to. I was even going to pay but he didn’t want to get his ass out of bed.

what’s your ideal weekend? I think the highlight of my year is the folk music festival down river. I get a hotel room for the weekend and have a good time taking in the bands. I just appreciate that we get some decent acts to show up to basically the middle of nowhere right in between Cincinnati and Louisville. I think that is my ideal weekend a hotel stay either here or on vacation somewhere. I like hotels assuming their clean.


A folk music festival sounds fun! Who do you go with?

My ideal weekend is time spent with my husband and kids. I like to visit family and go to Church.

I like to travel, it hotels aren’t my favorite. I prefer tent camping!


sometimes I go by myself. last year I went with my parents and brother. this summer im going with my friend and his new wife.

that sounds like a nice time. I need to get to church this sunday. I think ive been spending too much time with family. they are tiring of my sense of humor lately although mom was in a good mood tonight. probably because she finished off a bottle of sangria

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