Guys please help

That’s smart to call your caseworker. I remembered your appointment not happening until January. That’s a long time away!

How long should you give the Latuda time to work?

Nobodies a devil. We might be evil or done something unsuitable, but I’m very sure that no devils ever existed.

Three weeks at least

Hope you’re feeling better now.

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Okay. It could be helpful to call your caseworker.

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I am tomorrow343556

That’s a smart decision! Hoping the best for you!

I started yelling at the drug addicts a bove me I’m ■■■■■■■ tired. I want to go to hospital after I pay rent. I’m tired of their ■■■■. I never said this but I went by the two idiots and the male said some gibberish I ignored him and went on when I went Togo back home and his girlfriend told him to quit looking at her (me)

My dad said go to hospital tomorrow after all errands .

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