Growth in life

I am scared about the growth in life. Because looking at people’s ability to do things and with mine for the age I am not sure how I will survive the world. Do you have any such doubts? How do you manage?

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What kind of growth are you talking about?

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I have a hard time interacting with people. I don’t know why? It’s like my brain never developed the ability to be social. When I talk it’s like my brain doesn’t work. I try to come up with ideas to talk about but it’s just empty. When I am forced to have a conversation I get very nervous and stressed because of it.

Mostly I’m on mute!


General growth like in office, house, and society… It may be measured differently for different people… But still we need to go up gradually… That seems to be scary for me.

I can totally relate to this. I have a job in spite of the illness and constant stress due to abuse and isolation within family. Otherwise I am managing to whatever extent I can. I too get nervous and stressed but when there is a need to resolve or address an issue. Or talk about something that I am not familiar with.

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