Group music therapy

have you ever had music therapy in a psych ward or anywhere like that? when i was in the ward, one day we had a lady come in who played music on her guitar and sang, and she gave us all percussion instruments to play along with her. it was wonderful. one of my favorite things i experienced in the ward, i wasn’t very used to not being able to listen to music all day

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I thought it was so pointless I ripped into the therapist and made her cry

Not proud of it, but I was in a youth offenders institute, psychotic and not happy about being detained

Was released after a month, but it was pretty crappy of the judge to sentence a mentally ill person to this

Other than that, no I have only had music therapy in a detention scenario, but it was run by the local mental health trust as a hospital ward

Music therapy sounds quite nice.

That was one of the things that was missing in the hospital when I went: no music.

It was wild-- I remember singing a particular song out loud in my room while psychotic, and the nurse in charge barged in and gave me this look like, no singing allowed.

There was this guy who had a hospital-issued portable radio that would listen to music. He might have been uncommunicative, so that’s why they gave him the radio. But he was always in his room and the music was too soft for the rest of us to hear.

Music has many healing qualities, if listened to a certain way. Without it, the psych ward seems like even more of a shiithole.

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I’m pretty sure we did, I vaguely remember it. People seemed to enjoy it. I’m a music major, so I don’t think I joined in.

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