Grilled fish recipe, instead of drinking alcohol

Im so bored i wrote this recipe instead of drinking alcohol.
The picture is from yesterday
It’s good:


Your favourite fish (seabass, mackrel and prawns in this case)
Lots of salt and pepper.
Lemon juice.
lemonherb and other mixed fresh herbs.
Your favorite vegs.

Sprinkle the fish and the vegs with a lot of oil, salt it.
Grill it.
Just before you eat it, sprinkle with a mixture of fresh herbs, oil and lemon juice.


looks really good. :yum:

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You got any leftovers? I’m not big on fish but that looks delicious :yum:

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No im sorry Loke, but if you are not that keen on fish, grilled fish is a good way to start.

But not mackerel, it’s for people who like the fishy taste.

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I like soul food fish like from a fish fry.

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@bluebutterfly That looks so good . I love fish and seafood . I have some seafood most weeks. I haven’t had a proper bit of fish for ages though . I get anxious about cooking it because my cooking skills aren’t great.

My brother sent a copy of a fish casserole our mother used to make . It was delicious , but by 2020 standards not too healthy! I’ve not made it because I’d need some help with it . Perhaps when the lockdown ends .

Hi Tim , it’s a good recipe for the fish casserole but difficult to explain and you need slightly salted butter , you need a nice fillet of cod divided in half but you can put in more , basically you would layer sliced onions and tomatoes and potatoes and place the cod in between the layers ,also place knobs of butter as you build up the layers , use a covered casserole dish and put this all in a hot oven cook for about an hour ( covered) then remove the lid to allow the dish to brown off , then serve and eat , you use a whole pack of butter in the dish and mum’s secret was the cod cooks up a nice sauce with the butter and it all creates a rich sauce but sometimes the dish can be salty cos of the butter so add some black pepper and avoid using any extra salt till you taste the dish, also you need enough sliced potatoe for about three layers


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