Green bananas

man been waiting for them to ripen up for 4 days now. maybe they’ll be ready by breakfast tomorrow.


Do you have a paper bag to put them in? That hastens ripening.


didn’t know that. will try it.


Did you accidentally buy plantains? My sister did that once.


Put them next to other fruits, like apples.


I recently learned that organic bananas are green and stay green for a long time because they are not sprayed with a certain chemical that speeds ripening. I bought some organic bananas and it took about 5 weeks and they started to ripen. I even tried putting them in a bag with an onion but that didn’t work either. I will not buy organic bananas again.


I ate one today. it was still a little green but it didn’t taste too bad.

and @ninjastar haha it wasn’t a plantain. just bananas here, no fancy exotic fruit at the local grocery here in town. I can’t even get papaya here, but can get some at the grocery next town over when it’s in season. papaya is my favorite.

Is a plantain fancy? Idk we have a large Hispanic population in my city so there are plantains everywhere.

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I don’t know. probably not, but im not used to seeing them in the grocery stores here in the Midwest. definitely not in this little town. I can’t even get romaine lettuce in town. have to go to “the burg” to get some haha.

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