Greatest memory moment...?

mine was in 2007 when my son was being born, he is 13 today, that is my greatest memory moment…what is yours…?



My greatest memory moment is also when my son was born. That was on 10/16/1980. He is dead today unfortunately.

When I was 4 and looked into the bassinette where my baby brother was lying. He gave me the most charming, happy smile, and all the adults went apeshit because it was one of his first smiles ever.
He was such a beautiful baby :heart:

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Going places with my family or friends. Doesn’t compare to a baby moment though.

It was one of the most amazing days on my wedding day, I felt people were genuinely caring and loving who I was as a person and were there just to celebrate me.

On the other hand my divorce process wasn’t the best.

Being down the beach aged 15 in the middle of Summer where my biggest worry was whether I should go for another surf or not.


The other day I missed being a kid so bad, high school years were the most exciting years but being a kid - well, every day was a new and wonderful day that was as long as can be and stuff was new.

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The other day was pretty good. This woman is helping me with doctors appointments and whatever else I need. I’ve been in touch with her for months via email and when my doctor messed up and took 7 months to get me a referral for my kidney problem this woman stepped in and got me a referral and an appointment within a week and a half.

But anyways she was in touch with my sisters via the phone. And in one of her long, nice emails she told me that when she talked to my sisters, both of them talked about me with admiration and honest love. It felt good, I often don’t pick up on stuff like that.

i have so many memorys i would like 2 share

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Getting my first puppy at 7 years old for my birthday. I adored that dog, still miss him to this day

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I remember going on a workshop in my parents movement. It was really great. Because I clicked with some of the people and felt like I temporarily had friends. It was for a week. It was the most amazing atmosphere. Except for this one guy I felt self conscious around him but when he wasn’t around I felt so free and part of something. Of course this was before the illness when I was all young and energetic

When I got into my dream school…

@anon78876561 another good thread here

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i hope to make better memorys across the board

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I didn’t know you have a son! What do you like to do with him?

I have another great memory, but I’ll try to cut it short because it’s kind of a long story.

My best friend’s brain cancer returned, and it was bad this time. Really bad. We’re talking “You’re terminal, and you’ll be gone in 2 years, there’s nothing more we can do for you” bad.
He refused chemo, because he’d had it before and didn’t want to go through that again, especially if it didn’t work this time.
The cancer gave him severe headaches and moodswings, so they flew in a specialist to operate out some of it to buy him a few months and give him some relief.

When the specialist opened him up, he took one look and said “Yeah I can fix this”.

Meanwhile, I was in the psych ward pacing back and forth, chainsmoking, waiting to hear from either him telling me he survived or the doctors telling me things were bad. The odds were 50/50.

Then my phone rang. He had asked the nurse to dial my number as soon as he was conscious enough. He had made it through the surgery without permanent paralysis or brain damage, and they had removed all of the deadly cancer.
I was so happy I nearly cried.

I had taken massive doses of seroquel during that day because I’d been so axious and wired up, but nothing had been able to calm me down. Once our phone convo was over, I breathed out a sigh of relief and all the seroquel started working. I slept like a baby that night.

I will never forget hearing his week voice “Hey Miika, I made it. They got it, they got it all”

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probably when i was in Mexico eating steak and drinking cocktails in a pool bar on the beach front, i think i’ll look out some photos my ex left me.

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