Gratitude for what I have

I’ve been doing some thinking the past couple of days and realized I have a lot to be grateful for. First, I have a loyal, loving wife who will go to the end of the world for me. So many people don’t have that. I’m not boasting, I’m just stating a fact.

Second, we just moved across country and a huge portion of our stuff was lost or utterly destroyed. But it’s just stuff, and stuff can be replaced (often with better stuff!).

I have a roof over my head, food to eat, internet, a safe place to call home, and generally good health. SZ can get ya down if you let it, so it’s important to be in treatment.

The past couple weeks have been rough with the move, but we made it 1500 miles without getting pulled over, losing a tire, or being in an accident.

I have a lot to be grateful for. Life ain’t perfect (whose is?), but it could be a hell of a lot worse.

I’d like to encourage the users of the forum to take stock of their life and find the good. Sometimes the thunderclouds block out the sun, but there’s always a clearing coming. :heart:


That’s great :slight_smile: I’m thankful for my husband and daughters, home, my drs, and my friends.


Im thankful for my family and Drs. I would be dead without them.


I may moan and feel sorry for myself. But these last 5 years have been great. I’m stable on med’s, got great neighbours and never usually short of money.

Compared to when I was living in a bin homeless and off my rocker , things are twenty times better lol.


I’m grateful for my husband and his emotional and financial support. Without him I’d struggle and maybe be destitute as I dont think i can work with my avolition


I’m thankful for the whole universe. And I’m glad there’s something rather than nothing. Although it’s still hard to fully comprehend, I’m mending so it’s coo.


I’m grateful that I’m able to afford the things that I need at the moment. It hasn’t always been that way.

I’m grateful that I’m in therapy and that it’s helping. It also hasn’t always been that way.

Glad you’re able to see the good @anon40540444. It helps me too.

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I’m grateful for this thread because it’s exactly what I needed right now.

I’m grateful for my treatment team, my job, my loved ones, my truck.

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I’m grateful for everyone who’s been helping me with all the crazy stuff going on in my life atm. That includes all of you because this place has been a much-needed oasis for me lately.


I’m grateful for the moderators and members of this forum. I’m grateful for my family. I’m grateful for my doctors and that I’m stable on my meds.


I’m grateful as hell. I look at things in a bizzare way. I have a lot of good stuff going for me but I am miserable often and I deal with symptoms. Situations in my life drive me litterally crazy, mentally I’ve been pushed almost to the brink of insanity. But here’s the bizarre part.
I honestly feel that nothing terrible has happened to me! Weird I know. But hell, no real crisis’s have happened. There’s no huge life events or big catastrophes. Despite how it sounds sometimes, I am stable a large part of the day. Even the periodic craziness of life has a silver lining: it’s damn interesting! I could do without it, I don’t want it. I hate it. But I can appreciate the weirdness of life.

Hell, I have a nice, clean apartment, I have all four limbs, I have a little money, my sisters insist I’m good looking. I get a little respect, I’m free, and in a minute I’ll be eating an artichoke and relaxing! I just got to count my blessings. And some of the soldiers were really cool to me at work!!

I’m thankful for my health and my friends. And my freedom

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Im grateful that I have some money to play the lottery with. Just kidding. Im just grateful I am not freaking out about life, and can accept it when I can.


Its so easy to take things for granted sometimes… its good to hear things are going well for you

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I am grateful for how caring and supportive my husband is,
that I own two houses and don’t pay a mortgage,
and for relationships with my sister and brother and their families.


Thankful for my family, that I completed my fast and I could eat something…

I am not grateful for my smell today, I need a bath asap its been 6 days lol

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Good for you that you are grateful.
Glad you are happy with your wife.

In health and recovery we have a three positives thread where you list three positives for your day.
I love this thread and it may encourage one to be grateful.

I have heaps to be grateful for too.

I am not a member of any religion but like to pray sometimes just to say thank you.

I’m not religious at all but some similar beliefs to Deepak Chopra, Buddhism and hyperianism but I don’t agree with them entirely just a bit.

nice thread and thanks for that.

i am grateful that i don’t feel like my total being is all sz and nothing more, any longer.

i am grateful for my excellent medical doctors.

mostly i am thankful that i have a wonderful family and now i have a few friends besides.

it’s great!! it’s also great to have this forum to come to and to be with you.


I am grateful for my mom who saved me when I overdosed and my father who saved me and then sent me to rehab to help me become clean from heroin/suicide.

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