Got the IUD removed and

I got the IUD I was on removed earlier today (thank goodness if y’all remember I didn’t like that thing) and got the depo injection for birth control. The depo injection lasts 12 weeks aka 3 months and my nurse practitioner estimates we’ll have the go ahead to start trying to get pregnant in two months so it works out pretty perfectly… I hope… Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Ps some of y’all said it was easy to get it removed and y’all were right! (She did have a little difficulties because my strings had receded up but it was pretty easy just a cough on 3 and it was out)


Wishing you luck✨

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@Human thanks! Hope you’re feeling better… I did post a reply in your new mom thread… I don’t want it to sound bad or anything… I know some women take offense to someone asking if they may have it but I worry about you

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Yeah I saw! Thanks for your concern🥺

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@Human anytime sending you well wishes, high hopes, good vibes, and much love


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