Got put on Fanapt

Doc gave me Fanapt samples today, took me off Haldol. I have to titrate, so I start 1mg twice a day tomorrow, eventually going to 6mg twice a day by the end of a week.

Anyone have experiences with this med? Thanks


Never heard of it. Hope it helps :wolf::wolf::wolf:


Didn’t use it but I know it, its an atypical antipsychotic with low side effects:


just took my first dose, 1mg. Kinda nervous

I’m fully titrated up to 6mg twice a day, which is an effective antipsychotic dose per my doctor. It makes me very tired and dizzy, dry mouth as well. Hasn’t helped w/ positive symptoms yet but I’ll give it a few weeks to kick in

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how’s the fanapt working out for you?

didnt work very well, on clozapine now