Fanapt..... 💊

Got a trial pack for this today. What do people think about it?


@Sammyp I was on fanapt for a year. It is like geodon in that you have to watch for heart rhythm problems. If you are not prone to those type of things you are probably ok. Make sure you titrate as is strongly recommended.(work your way up in dose). For me it was a lot like risperidone. It helped with the voices and positive symptoms, but just wasn’t quite strong enough. I gained weight on it. Who knows, due to many factors, it could be a gem for you.

Thanks Gir. Would you say Abilify is better?

I have bad negative symptoms so abilify amps me up and gives me some motivation, which fanapt may not have done as well. But fanapt helped more with positives before it wore off. Tough call, but I liked abilify better. Although abilify can give you anxiety, so be warned. You will benefit from something for anxiety if it causes it in you. It may not. Individual results are hard to judge, my friend.

Thanks buddy!!!

No prob Mr. @Sammyp!!