Got my phone back

I finally got my phone back, after proving I can keep the apartment clean while on crutches. I just don’t know if I can while healing from surgery and using a walker. kay said she can take care of the dog but that doesn’t include days where she works 2nd shift. I can’t bring the dog in then. i’m nervous about the surgery too, my parents cant make it here but kay and her step mom will be there. Then kay couldn’t find someone to cover for her that night so she is going to go to work then walk to the hospital in the morning and lay in my room


You’ll be right as rain when you’ve recovered from your surgery. The situation in the house sounds complex, but it sounds like you’re coping. I think you said you had a plan for getting out of the house, so best of luck!

first thing first my partner has to get her permit, license then a car

The escape vehicle -

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well @cbbrown I’m at least glad you got your phone back. I am praying for the surgery to go well and that Kay gets her permit.

I would be nervous about the surgery too if it was me. It’s normal to be nervous about something like that.

Wish you the best of luck @cbbrown

Hope your surgery goes well, and may the good lord (or representative there of) strike your in-laws with a bolt of compassion and common sense, so that they will understand they need to allow you the time it takes to recover and maybe they could actually help you, instead of not.
Keeping my fingers crossed, and looking out for that lightning bolt, if I see it, I’ll send it your way.

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