I made my partner mad

Maybe I don’t know. I haven’t gotten the approval for the surgery but the orthopedic surgeon wants to remove the hardware in my ankle. Anyway I told my partner that if I have to stay in the hospital over night or what ever she has to take care of jasper. I know she will take care of the other animals but she doesn’t know how to take care of her.

My partner got made because she said you’re going to have surgery and you’re worried about your frog!?

I don’t think my partner understands the doctor said I could be laid up for a month and yes I worry because she works and there will be no one to take care of the animals, clean the apartment do all the chores my in laws expect me to do.

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I don’t think she has the right to get hurt or mad about you getting worried about taking care of all the pets especially your lizards and frogs !! oh dear, that is so worrisome…I hope she will see reason soon and accept responsibility for the animals…you do so much for the pets !! so proud of you…sorry you have to have surgery… @cbbrown

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I’m gonna try to talk to her later during her break. My in laws though had the nerve to say I should follow the doctor’s orders this time but last time I didn’t was because they pushed me to rush my recovery especially my father in law.

Again, it is breaking my heart…I hope the pets will be taken care of…perhaps you could just stay with the pets and when your partner comes in tell her what needs to be done??? I d k

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She knows the rabbit, cats and dog’s schedules but the lizards and frog’s schedules are a little harder to remember because of calcium, vitamins and when to feed bugs. I thought about writing out the schedules on a calendar. The fish and bird are easy too. I’m honestly worried about the surgery too. The doctor said my range of motion wasnt too bad but as the arthritis and screws moving out would cause it to worsen.

Jasper looks nice…!!!


It may help her organise and accept responsibility if you write out a schedule and let her know what it entails exactly, so she knows what is expected of her.

It may be she is worried about you and her priorities are making sure you are okay, which is why she over exasperated on your worries regarding your animals, she may have an idea of what needs to be done and how long you will be layer up which is why she reacted that way.

Talk to her and see, it would be good to write up a schedule though I think, may be a simple solution for it!

Good luck with your surgery, I hope it is successful and that you have a better quality of life afterwards


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