Got my Covid vaccine

My social worker drove me all the way downtown today to get my Covid vaccination. It took an hour of waiting in line but it was uneventful. The injection didn’t hurt. It just felt like a tiny poke. And I didn’t have an allergic reaction either.

It is now 9 hours later and I don’t feel sick or headachey at all. I return in 3 weeks for my second Covid vaccination. So far so good.


Congratulations @SkinnyMe I’m glad you were able to get the vaccine.


Your the first I’ve heard of who has got it. Over here in Oz it’s not being readily available till Feb but we may be a chance to get it early because dad is high risk. I heard that if they do 140,000 vaccinations a week it’ll take 8 months to do the population. That is serious business but glad your still feeling ok. Makes me more likely to front up early.


I’m in California we will probably have vaccines for everyone in ten years :joy:


@SkinnyMe …how on earth did you manage to get the vaccine so soon…i will probabaly have to wait until june/july…also which vaccine did you take

Given a vaccination rate of 1,000,000 a week and an uptake of 70.6% , you should expect to receive your first dose of vaccine between 27/03/2021 and 13/05/2021 .

You should then get your second dose by between 19/06/2021 and 05/08/2021 .

good to hear @SkinnyMe =)
glad to hear you not getting bad reactions to it.

How did you manage to get the vaccine @SkinnyMe ?
You are not 65 or over.
Do you suffer with health issues?

I’m my state only health workers got vaccinated thus far.

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My mom and stepdad got the vaccine yesterday. How did you manage to get one? Do you have health issues? I thought it was only open to seniors for now

Good for you! I got my vaccine too. Like you said, it didn’t hurt. I got it because I work for a medical company as a peer support specialist.


I got the Pfizer vaccine. I don’t know how I got it this soon. I was invited to receive it by my social worker.


I have my vaccine scheduled. Licensed foster parents can get it, but the soonest appointment was over a month away still.


I don’t know how I got the vaccine. My social worker called me and invited me to receive it. My state is among the hardest hit covid states I know that. That is probably why, idk.


There is a shortage of vaccines in my state.
My father was told that he’d get vaccinated in April and he’s elderly and high risk.

I’m so upset.


Congratulations! I’m jealous, I was told it would be May before I’m eligible.

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Hi @SkinnyMe! How did you qualify for a Covid vaccine and where are you from?

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My elderly mom’s health insurance is so friggin slow in rolling out the vaccine for the 75 and older seniors. It’s like watching grass grow in drought-ridden California. :frowning_face:

I finally ended up trying the county health department website and I was able to get my mom scheduled for her 1st covid vaccine for late January. Fingers crossed that they actually have vaccines to administer on the day my mom is scheduled for. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Wave Your dad should try various parallel routes to try to schedule his covid vaccine, for example, through his health insurance/medicare, local pharmacies, and the county health department. Also, check with any local senior centers to see if they are coordinating a covid vaccine event for seniors in your area.


I am not in a hurry as I am already immunized for 8 months against covid19.


Im worried if these vaccines cross blood brain barrier and worsen our psychiatric symptoms