Got all my hair buzzed off last night

the long hair was giving me a heat rash so I had it cut off …feels good…I buzz it once a year…I will have long hair next fall.


Did you do it yourself?

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oh hell no…haha…my friend from church did it.


I’m sure it does.

I love getting my hair cut.

Feels fresshhhh

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Your head will get cold :open_mouth:

Definitely an efficient choice though!

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I buzzed my hair today.
All by myself! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I buzz my hair bald every couple weeks, I’m balding might as well accept my fate. It feels good to have no hair although I wish I could grow it out like I used to.


my head won’t get cold because I will have long hair before it gets cold again…yayyyy…it works in the winter for me having long hair but in the spring I cut it almost like a birthday present…so different…

Nice to have that routine. I used to get a radically short haircut whenever I moved to a new place. Just so I wouldn’t have to bother with it.

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I have a Mohawk. Now I have to cut the sides myself, well see how that goes

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I’m thinking about either cutting my hair into a pixie again or buzzing it at the end of this month in preparation for my trip to Indiana.


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