Chopped off my hair

… by accident. I was at the barber and I told him I wanted my hair two fingers high. So he buzzes the sides of my head, and I said how about you use the trimmer on the top too. I wanted to get out of there as fast as possible. so he says ok ready, and I’m like sure. Well he didn’t say his attachments could not do two finger hair… so I end up with a crue cut. Surprise surprise


Outch! :smile: well on the bright side you won’t have to visit them again for a while.


I always want a crew cut so I don’t have to go back for a while. My moms like “no!! It looks good when you just cut it!!” And I’m always convinced not to get it buzzed.

I give myself a buzz cut (#7 clipper guard) every few weeks. It saves a lot of money that way without going to a salon to cut it.
And I know I cut it right without mistakes.

My town seems to be ok with it…or mistakes me for a boy.

I used to have shoulder length hair a few years ago, but I feel that a buzz cut is much better in terms of economy and comfort.

I will cut my hair on Friday =)

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I got my hair chopped all off too. I mean really chopped off. I have a pixie cut now. All of the women love it. I don’t know about the men. They don’t say anything. I doubt they like it.

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The difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut?
Two weeks.

I get my hair cut every 6 or 7 months. I always let it grow out quite long and then get it all taken off to something like a crew cut. I don’t really like going to get my hair cut and I think it’s because of negative symptoms. It’s not really a big deal when I get there but bringing myself to go and get it cut just doesn’t seem to happen easily. However, I switched to a new hair dresser last time I went and liked the place so I may go more often now.

I’ve had this happen so many times lol.