Got a worrying withdrawal symptom from seroquel


When I was on 600mg I had a pretty normal appetite.

Now on 300mg I have a monster appetite that isn’t satisfied by eating food


Seroquel made me never feel full on that dose. But changing meds helped


Yeah is funny. I was fine on 600mg but on 300 just feel hungry all the time


It’s like what I thought was nausea was infact unstoppable hunger.

Can’t afford to eat too much due to health reasons. Gonna give the 300mg a couple of weeks to see if it settles if not will get a message to my pdoc


I guess eventually you will be on 0mg of Seroquel, or none at all. Antipsychotics can have withdrawal effects.


Yeah eventually it will be out my system. Just sucks going through the process. Will be worth it though


Hang in there @Jimbob.
It will be out of your system soon enough.