Got a used TV

I have not been writing for a while, because I got a used TV that I have been watching. There are a lot of American and English TV shows and many infomercials. I like to watch some music channels.

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Are you using free air antenna, thus free HD TV ?

I pick up 41 free channels with my antenna. That’s 40 digital and 1 analog.

Cable or Satellite is just too damn expensive for me, although I obviously still have my TV tied to the Internet through my Blu-Ray player. So I can watch Netflix and Youtube.

I live in an apartment building. I got just 13 free channels.

I started with a TERK INDOOR HDTV AMPLIFIED ANTENNA and also added a Nexxtech 15db wideband amplifier to boost the signal even more and thus brought it up to 41 channels.

I bought these gizmos as half price specials.

I’m in an apartment too.

By the way, other people out there, OTA digital TV signals are not compressed, unlike many Cable and Satellite signals, thus the picture quality is even better.

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I have Dish Satellite TV and pay for it every month. Oops, it’s time for me to go. Bye for now.

My TV has rabbit ears. I watch PBS when I turn it on - once in a blue moon. I’m always glad I did.

The TV broadcasting where I am has a lot of American TV shows, however I like some Finnish TV shows because these are slightly different from Americans. 13 channels are enough for me. Of course, there are more channels available, but one needs to pay. So some TV shows that are on the Internet by are not delivered on TV, which is why the laptop is also great for watching these shows.

Fortunately I purchased the TERK INDOOR HDTV AMPLIFIED ANTENNA when there was still plenty of old analog channels still active. With that being the case, I could see how well the antenna was correctly positioned and orientated by seeing an increase or decrease in snow levels in the picture, and do this while quickly skipping from channel to channel.

It turned out that in all places in my apartment, except for one, I could only pick up a few nearby local channels.

But by sheer luck I did find the one hot spot. It is 1 foot by 1 foot by 1/2 a foot high.

If in the hot spot, the channel pickup jumps from up from just a few channels, up to 41 channels.

This hot spot is due to the signals bouncing of surrounding apartment buildings all crossing or focusing at this one position. So it’s sort of using the surrounding buildings as a parabolic reflector.

But I kid you not. If you move the antenna out of this tiny tiny pickup zone, you are back to just a few channels. It’s possible that signals coming from different reflections are phase inverted outside of the pickup zone, Thus they cancel out rather than there just being a gradual signal strength reduction as you move away from the pickup zone.

Other than that, the antenna plugs into the standing casing via an F59 connector. With that being the case I connected the antenna to the case with a long 1.5c-2v Coaxial Cable instead and this allowed me to move and position the antenna just about anywhere.

We have Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions. I don’t watch any sort of scheduled programming as I have certain character defects that preclude me willfully doing things when others want me to (not SZ, just me being a jerk). :wink:

That and I absolutely can’t stand being marketed to.


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