Got a fire TV stick today

Papi got it for me. Havent had TV in my apt for about 6 years. I think it will be good to keep my mind from wandering and have some content for the down time while im not playing a video game or eating or something.

Also will help distract from noise in the building.

He also gave me a crock pot. So I can get cheap cuts of meat and slow cook and eat for 3 days. Good harty home cookin.

Anyone else like some of the tech stuff available right now?
I personally love this current time in the culture where we can have computers in our pockets essentially. Games have never looked so good.


I had a fire stick but it malfunctioned. So we got a Roku
Tv. I put the Amazon app on it.

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Is that the kind where you can talk to Alexa?

Good things 151515

I love today’s technology too. I have a Samsung smart TV and I love it.

I know, right? The communicator in my pocket now is even better than what Captain Kirk had when I was a kid.


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Alexa is on some TVs and mostly AMAZON speakers tablets and devices

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