Google Maps - Cool feature - Embedded in Forum - show where you'd like to Travel

Just testing this out - I think that google maps automatically embed in this forum - just copy the URL from the top of the browser - and I think we’ll see a map here of Paris:

Just to to Google Maps here:

Find what you want and post the URL link here in the forum.

and another view of the city:,2.2959904,1243a,20y,41.37t/data=!3m1!1e3

I wonder if street view works:

Doesn’t seem to.

Once I was here in Vatican, Google Maps is great.

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OK - here is an idea. Where would be your favorite place that you’d like to travel to one-day.

Here is mine: - guess their name:

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The Galápagos… that would be cool…

The turtle migration… the sea lion migration… I’d love to swim those waters…

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I could travel to Viborg, my grandfather was born there during Imperial Russia, now it is a part of Russia when I was lost during the 2nd WW.

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(Loch Ness)

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Yeh - go fishing for a monster… :smile:


I love that monster story…


I’m glad a small town can make some tourist money with a great story.

I hear because it’s so deep and because of the minerals in the water… it’s a very different water to swim.


Another cool feature of Google Maps…

If logged into your Google account it can find your cell phone…

These voices linked to Google Maps are funny sometimes, I was thinking and talking alone that I should go to Vyborg where my grandfather was born and suddenly on the voice of one of my siblings there was a voice ‘Harjamäkeen’ to Harjamäki’s mental hospital, but it is a mental hospital museum at this time. My aunt stayed there often.

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Germany is where I would like to go. My mothers whole side of the family are from Germany. I still have some relatives there.

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why would you need that?

buahahaha sorry i couldnt resist :ok_hand:

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So - you want to go to the UK and to Newfoundland. Nice, but cooler, places.

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sorry i just thought the names were funny, i am actually going to a beach tomorrow with friends but i cant post the location bc i am scared

Hmmm… trouble is it can’t tell me if I left it in the car, or if its fallen under my bed. Perhaps of use if its stolen I guess.

Ah - I didn’t notice the street names. Yes - wouldn’t you hate to live on the corner of Dildo Ave. and Butthole Lane.

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I have the simpliest Samsung phone and I do not think this phone locator service works with it.