Good News! - New Job!

I got a job at a restaurant!!! It starts in a month, and I have to prepare and train there too. I’m sorta nervous but inspired. It’s a new restaurant and I am going to add to the menu. The owner also offered a free haircut and makeover so I look the best. She’s my dad’s hairdresser and he put in a good word for me! I’m excited! I’ll be making gluten free bread and coming up with a recipe for the restaurant. It’s Vietnamese so I’ll be like a chef’s assistant part time 20hrs a week then move on up.

I’m also going to ask about a Behavior Tech position at the place I go to for medication, but one of their inpatient hospitals or step-down facilities. I want to work with kids mostly. My goal is to become an art therapist for all ages. But mostly teaching and art therapy inspire me as a career. I want to inspire young people to do well and also prevent them from drugs and falling into the traps a lot of people I know young and old have. I don’t want to do the substance abuse counseling stuff yet, but I will eventually and get a Masters.

I have one year left of college and I’m paying off the loan this year $1,000. I pay $100 a month right now towards collections for my college bill that my parents couldnt pay. I have to file income taxes, no one ever told me I needed to. I might get to stay on my dad’s insurance for a few more years as a dependent which makes me nervous and I don’t know all the rules about.

I probably won’t be his dependent once I can afford insurance and rent in a couple years. I also started saving $20 of my allowance each time.

So hopefully I’ll have two new jobs this year!!! But the first one is a definite, she hired me on and I’m soooo relieved. I needed a job ASAP.


how fantastic; congratulations!

thx :smiley: I hope that this will start things up in my life.

What a positive bit of news! Good luck to you Starry :smiley:

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It sounds like you’re a high functioning schizophrenic. Congratulations!


Good luck…

This is good news! Keep up the good work!

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It’s normal to be a little nervous or scared. Good luck. Most restaurants I’ve worked at gave free or cheap meals to employees.

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absolutely wonderful…good for you…


Hurray Starry!
Wishing the best for you OO


Great news I wish you every success in the kitchen

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Awesome job! Remember to have fun in the kitchen. :wink:


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Thankyou so much everyone!! My dad taught me how to make bread this morning. It’s rising in the kitchen and my mom is making breakfast! :slight_smile: I need to come up with a gluten free bread recipe. My dad bought soy flour and rice flour to experiment with for recipes. Hopefully I’ll get the knack of this. I imagine I’ll make bread early in the morning and then do other stuff in the kitchen. I’m very happy and excited.


Have fun!!!..

Congrats and wish you luck…

Good luck to you, you might try using Bisquik as one ingredient it comes in gluten free.

@StarryNight congrats…how wonderful :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thanks well the job turned out to be a scam but oh well I didn’t wire money for them.

Oh sorry, I missed that last comment before I liked. How are you feeling on it?

Congratulations!!! Jobs are hard to come by these days.